Boosted Fitness Walk

 Hi there comes a wooden warm-up because we absolutely need your body ready to takeoff and we're goanna construct stamina in to the human body like number other I mean this can be the way to get in your absolute best form you move the additional miles that's away to move come today live America that 'display it is magic that's right seriously today get those legs for easy movie you know them let us only give them an instant rehearsal walking in place I watch for my legs I listen for my rate it's 4 &firm; 3 &firm; 2 hi men only step out we'll move right into our simple actions sidesteps and you know later on we construct these in to much larger actions we put the hands and that's when you can contact Ono's much muscle out together up together4 &firm; 3 4 &firm; 3 &firm; 2 an easy kick only proceed any legs you do do not worry can it be right or left maintaining yourself movie that's how you get fit it's maybe not worrying about understanding measures it's maybe not the measures that actually allow you to get fit Oahu is the rate keep consistently the velocity even when you're walking entirely through it you'll receive fit four here's three here's two walk walk walk walk again back once again to walking and four and three he seems prepared so when he left all you do is make certain.

 you've got really a strong and stable core the manner in which you do that's only to take the belly but to evening right back toward the spine you flatten up that serious muscle oh my good home hat's it you closed in your core you're prepared to maneuver with huge actions that's where that energy is coming from from the center here's four here's three here's two walk walk walk walk good job nice fine we're goanna maneuver around already let us move all ready to go take Mickey Nick sure nice activity straight away it's one and two only grow your legs up move the furniture it's goanna be considered a tired one yeah it's good to have a little space and right back and two good move one and two right back up in one single and two good move one and two and right back and below men get the feet slightly larger open up we'll move right into kickbacks provide me four more here's four and three and two today Stop that emptiness heel hamstring curl good permit the hands to only flake out for the present time we're finding muscle convention a little juice in the bones you wish to feel well in the full range of motion the bodies of the bones like release small bit on each site as they loosen up that's how you're feeling so good when you're for the reason that complete range that huge flexible action kick right back two more here's one here's two let us walk walk walk walk nice walk large pump those hands small bit today every every like 30 seconds you get warmer and warmer damp seriously legs walk to the beat four and three and two tight abdomen in then get that leg up there slightly larger today let the hands come towards the legs that's it you can sense human anatomy heat is raising it only takes a few minutes to loosen up safely and then we're ready to only remove and move as strong shock need nice here's an end and an end kick - more shoes here's one and two walk walk walk nice hands.

 I like it claim you like it but you know we all know the power it's so amazing to take your body in to a function phase and a healing phase we're doing it at this time hi men actual life actual light start agile trot yeah begin a mild trot wood vanilla only some body says hi I can not get into hiding Packer I do want to demonstrate to them you keep working I'm goanna show you slept on the larger affect when you can not do high affect try this also in place for four three two right back it down let us move hi four three two in place for four healing decrease it's here he'll he'll move he'll blow off that air blow help the human body modify eight more counts eight seven six five four three little mild here we move gentlemen flakes poor here we select what in place four three two four three two in place for healing prepared down that's it fast walking burns up couple of calories so good breathe nice nice nice hands increase high seriously four three two one help only walk -lets select two sidestep or seriously for last and every body's part the 1st step two three five we're done for three nice men nice turn your hips to leading change it right to the monitor at home all we're goanna do is perform a little shift you type of get through to the balls of the feet lighten up on the feet your fashionable comes ahead and right back we're goanna add some strike hold one arm strong and move right ahead increase the hands in to a little strike seriously move strike punch every time they fashionable comes.


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